Stadler Valencia wins contract for sixty locomotives from VR Group


Finland´s VR Group and Stadler have signed a contract for the supply of 60 new diesel-electric locomotives to improve the operational efficiency in marshalling yards, freight terminals and on non-electrified lines which make up 45% of the Finnish network. The new central-cab locomotives can be used as shunting locomotives and for hauling freight and passenger trains. The contract includes an option for up to 100 additional locomotives, as well as the possibility to buy locomotive maintenance from Stadler.

According to the contract, the first five locomotives are expected to enter into service in 2022, and the remaining locomotives will be gradually delivered until the end of 2025. These new locomotives clearly outperform the old diesel locomotives to be replaced in terms of emissions, energy efficiency, innovation, safety and reliability.

Stadler has well proven experience in customizing locomotives for the demanding climatic conditions in Finland. The locomotives will be manufactured to withstand the effects of the snow and ice and to operate at temperatures as low as -40º C.