Number 23, july 2020


A new phase for the sector marked by sustainable safety and mobility


The railway, the main character of a new safe and innovative sustainable era.

The backbone of modal change.

Spain is on the move towards full decarbonisation of transport.

SDG: Sustainability as a priority.

Goods: Multimodal, ecological and efficient networks.

The railway in the Smart Cities, a perfect integration.

Digitalisation: An Industry 4.0 leading the way in cutting-edge technology solutions.

Renewable energies: A source of supply on the rise.

Some Mafex partners with sustainability projects.

Mafex Position Note: Rail transport and the Environmental Challenge.


Public transport in the new reality: Safe, comfortable and highly reliable travel.

Mafex presents its positioning paper “The railway, key to safe and sustainable public transport

Operators, metros and trams face new transport changes following the pandemic.

International and national institutions showcase their vision on flexible, innovative, sustainable and reliable
rail transport.

Some Mafex partners with projects for the Post-covid era


A train we cannot miss.