OHL and Siemens Mobility launch the Marmaray project in Turkey


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey recently inaugurated the commissioning of the main phase of the Marmaray project, an initiative to connect the Asia-Europe corridor. The project was carried out by the joint venture formed by OHL (70%) and Siemens (30%) and represents an important construction and communication milestone at a global level.

Siemens Mobility has installed the signaling and control system, the communication as well as the SCADA system. Technologically unique, the line is equipped with ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) and CBTC (Communications Based Train Control System) systems. The advanced solution provided by Siemens Mobility Spain includes the ERTMS FUTUR technology that is already in service on the Turkish high-speed line of Ankara and Konya, as well as the Trainguard system in service on the Downtown line of the Singapore subway.

The line connects 43 km on the Asian side of the peninsula and 19 km on the European side, to the 14 km tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait. It will provide a mixed commuter and subway service for the metropolitan area of ​​Istanbul, as well as the integration of the Gebze-Halkali section in the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed corridor and a freight link, which will provide greater availability for travelers they cross the continents.

OHL has undertaken the design, the complete replacement of the two tracks existing and its replacement in three new tracks of 62 km from the 76 km of the project