One step closer to a whole new innovative experience: Certifer is the independent evaluator of the virgin Hyperloop one project


Certifer, the Group to which Belgorail belongs, is part of this innovative project whose main challenge is to reinvent transport: faster than any other train in history, thanks to a speed of 760 miles per hour, Hyperloop One aims to eliminate barriers of distance and time.

The development of this new means of transport is based on a new, reliable, efficient and fast technology, which is as comfortable and safe as any other means of transport. For this, the Hyperloop One teams work with current international standards such as the CENELEC standards, a globally recognized reference in safety measures for guided transport systems. In fact, CENELEC standards have been developed to define a framework for the development and use of complex systems and are used in urban and rail transport systems around the world.

The first phase of Certifer’s collaboration with Hyperloop One is training, training carried out at Virgin Hyperloop One’s Los Angeles Innovation Campus.