Oriol Guixà, President and CEO of La Farga, receives The Wire Association International’s (WAI) Mordica Memorial Award

Oriol Guixà has received The Wire Association International’s (WAI) Mordica Memorial Award. He was presented with the award in recognition of his  contribution  to  the copper industry  through his research and development (R&D) and innovation activity.

The 91st annual convention of the WAI was held on 26 and 27 October with a cycle of online conferences entitled “Industry 4.0”. Just like every year, the WAI presented the Mordica Memorial Award to an individual from the sector who has made an outstanding contribution to the copper and electric cables industry.

This year it was Oriol Guixà, President and CEO of La Farga, who received this recognition from his colleagues in the metal industry. The award highlights the important role that Guixà has played in the copper industry around the world.

When, in the 1980s, Guixà acquired the company alongside his father-in-law, he embarked on a personal and entrepreneurial project that continues to this day, which now involves his daughter, Inka Guixà. The company’s commitment, right from its very beginning, to working with recycled copper has made it a leader in this sector, and one of the main suppliers of sustainable copper solutions on the market.

During his acceptance speech, Oriol Guixà spoke of his delight at having contributed to the transition from an industry on the verge of closure, in the 1980s, to an industry that is now considered to be world-leading. He summed up his time at La Farga in four words: Copper, Adaptation, Commitment and Resilience. During his many years at the helm, the company has shown a constant commitment to talent, innovation and sustainability while adopting a long-term outlook.

After talking briefly about the history of La Farga, its technological developments, the tireless work of a team that has shown a constant belief in the project, its (occasionally risky) investments and its robust commitment to working with recycled copper, Oriol Guixà ended his address by thanking all the people who have supported him over the years.

With this award, Oriol Guixà has cemented his legacy as a key figure in the metal and copper industry. It is a huge honour for the whole company.

You   can    find   the    video   and    a    transcript    of    his    speech    on    our    homepage: https://www.lafarga.es/es/