Other two cities with Stadler’s TRAMLINK

Foto: EVAG, Jacob Schöter

In 2019, EVAG, Erfurt’s local rail operator, ordered 14 TRAMLINK LRVs to improve the urban mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Since last July, the citizens of Erfurt (Germany) have been able to enjoy these 42 m long, fully accessible trams with a capacity of 242 persons. Seven doors allow a quick entrance/exit of passengers.

Since this summer, the inhabitants of Lugano (Switzerland) have also been using the new tram-trains to travel on the iconic metric gauge line of Ferrovie Luganesi (FLP) between Lugano and Ponte Tresa. The new TRAMLINK LRVs comply with reinforced crash standards, the EN 15227 C-IV and C-III Scenario 1 and 3. They reach speeds of up to 80km/h, can carry 293 passengers and are 45.5 m long. The passenger compartment is 100% low-floor and barrier-free and features several areas reserved for wheelchair users, as well as for bicycles and prams.

During 2022, further TRAMLINK projects will be launched in several European cities, including Milan, Augsburg, Basel and others.