Tram under construction

Ouargla has a population of about 250,000 people. Within the Algerian government’s objective of providing modern transportation to major cities, Ouargla is one of the cities where the realization of a tram was planned in order to facilitate transport within the city.

The proposed tram line has a total length of 12.6 km, of which 2.4 are single track and the rest is double-track (the single track section is a loop around Ksar). The tram takes place in reserved platform and contains 23 sep­arate 550 m stations in average. This tramline will connect the new city of Hai Nasr, located west of the town (and where it is expected future growth of the population), with the old city, reach­ing the main arteries of the population. The University is included within that route, which will facilitate the transport of students.

The commercial speed of the tram will be about 20 km/h with 4-minute inter­vals during peak hours.

The rolling stock planned are 23 40 m compositions of Alstom’s Citadis 402 type.
A tram maintenance centre will be lo­cated in the same route of the tram, where administrative buildings are go­ing to be built, as well as hangars for maintenance and storage of the trams.

The implementation contract was di­vided into two lots:

◗ Lot 1: infrastructure and buildings

◗ Lot 2: energy and systems

Lot No. 1 was awarded to the Spanish joint venture formed by Rover Alcisa-Elecnor-Assignia amounting to about €230 M, Lot No. 2 was awarded to Al­stom.

Lot No. 1 includes the realization of infrastructure and buildings, as well as the track, catenary and urbanization. A bowstring bridge is contemplated in the works in order to save a road. The works of this lot are carried out in two phases. The first includes the mainte­nance centre and 8 km of double track, with the remainder works being part of the second phase.