Partnership with NoBos

Within CETEST’s client portfolio, apart from the rolling stock manufacturers who are supported by CETEST in the homologation of new vehicles, it is worth highlighting the growing collaboration with different notified bodies for railway certification (NoBo) and engineering companies. This collaboration is not limited to the execution of accredited tests, but CETEST has proven to be a key partner to the investigation of specific problems that arise during service, vehicle life extensions or as technical consultancy offered by its experts.

For this, CETEST has expert profiles in the different fields of action: from structural tests in the laboratory (fatigue bogie, carbody test, among others), to field test, e.g., dynamic behavior including instrumentation and calibration of wheelsets, brake and Wheel Slide Protection (WSP), EMC, current collection (including measurement of the interaction forces among pantograph and catenary, measurement of arcs and uplift), electrical tests (traction, energy consumption, etc).