Photoluminescent safety signs with improved anti-graffiti and anti-pollution performanc

IMPLASER has developed a new range of photoluminescent safety signs with improved anti-graffiti and anti-pollution performance.

Currently, other than the question of whether graffiti is considered ‘art’ or ‘vandalism’, it is clear that graffiti making modifies the physical appearance of a space. So much so that, depending on the surroundings in which it has been done, it can lead to an immediate clean-up by the facility if this graffiti encroaches on a regulatory product, such as signage, photoluminescent or not, since the sign becomes unserviceable.

On the other hand, in places with poor ventilation, where contamination is significant, and cleaning services are minimal or non-existent, such as road or rail tunnels, the signaling is soiled easily by the deposits of airborne particles on its surface, even reaching the point where it no longer performs the function for which it was designed.

For this reason, it is of vital importance for the infrastructure to have effective and durable methods for the cleaning up graffiti and contamination while at the same time not imposing a high cost on the organization.

IMPLASER, a leading company in photoluminescent fire protection signaling products, is well aware of this problem and has developed in collaboration with TECNAN (TECNOLOGIA NAVARRA DE NANOPRODUCTOS, S.L.), a company dedicated to the manufacture of advanced nanotechnological solutions, a new range of photoluminescent signaling with improved features that prolong the useful service life of signs. The product, based on the application of a nanotechnological coating on the signal surfaces, produces a kind of repellence property that makes it difficult for inks, paints and dust to become stuck. This makes cleaning easier and reduces maintenance costs.