Presentation of the “Plan for the Internationalisation of Transport and Infrastructure 2018-2020”

Plan de Internacionalizacion-Fomento
Plan de Internacionalizacion-Fomento

In the event, Víctor Ruiz, CEO of Mafex, participated in the round table “Keys to innovative internationalisation” with the presidents of other associations as Anci, Fidex, Seopan and Tecniberia.


Mafex attended, on December 13th, 2017, the presentation of the “Plan for the Internationalization of Transport and Infrastructure 2018-2020” hosted by the Ministry of Development. This represents an initiative that aims to promote joint work between the private sector and public companies of the Development Group -Aena, Renfe and Adif as maximum exponents to gain acknowledgement abroad and generate more numerous and greater business opportunitties for Spanish companies overseas. This project, developed by Ineco, has had the collaboration of the construction and engineering sector, and highlights the business opportunities, worth more than 2.5 billion euros, in 11 priority countries over the next 10 years.

The 11 markets that are highlighted in the plan are: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, United States, Norway, Peru, Sweden, United Kingdom.

The plan will serve to specify the markets in which the Spanish offer has a better standing. To achieve this, six lines of action have been defined, including 110 initiatives in two years. These include the organisation of specific Spanish summits in the priority countries, the organisation in our country of conferences on innovation in transport, the presence of the sector in the media, the participation of the companies of the Development Group in the forums of technical, regulatory and legislative natures, as well as interministerial collaboration. With all this, the image generation of the sector is pursued, the maximum use of the comprehensive capabilities of  the Spanish offer, along with institutional influence.

Additionally, as explained by the Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, the Spanish Ombudsman for Transport and Infrastructure will be launched; a meeting platform for the sector that will have the representatives of Seopan, Anci, Tecniberia and Mafex, amongst others, whose aims will be to assess the evolution of the conjuncture of the different markets, oversee the actions carried out in the countries, bringing together information and knowledge of the different agents involved, as well as outlining the required institutional support. All this will contribute to providing greater coherence, coordination and complementarity to the international actions of Spanish companies.

Innovation Plan for transport and infrastructures 2017-2020

On the 2nd of November, Mafex was in attendance at the event presented by the Minister for Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna, on the Innovation Plan for transport and infrastructures 2017-2020, which fosters Spain’s worldwide leadership in the sphere of transport and infrastructures, with the final user as the focus of the process and the participation of society as a whole.

The plan entails a road map that aims to integrate and coordinate the enti- rety of the activities involved in the framework of innovation in companies and institutions forming Grupo Fomento. In line with this, the aim is to foster the promotion constitution of an innovative space that integrates all sectors of society and coordinates a network of connections between them, with standout role for start-ups that allow for the acceleration of the integration of technology into the projects undertaken.