Bombardier’s Primove operating in Mannheim

Primove is an e-mobility solution, created by Bombardier, which supplies power to all types of electric vehicles quickly and without cables. Based on magnetic induction technology applied to electric mobility, it is already being used in trams in the German city of Augsburg.

After its recent homologation, the first Primove electric buses with passengers started operating on May Market, one of the most important exhibitions of the German region of Rhein-Neckar, where visitors could enjoy test rides.

The e-buses, which will be handed over to the customer Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv), are the first ones to feature all three PRIMOVE products; besides PRIMOVE propulsion, the two e-buses are equipped with the wireless Primove charging technology and the Primove high power battery system.

Passenger revenue service will start in summer 2015 on the Mannheim city centre line. Throughout the nine-kilometre-long journey, the e-buses will be inductively charged at four charging stations during the short dwell times at regular bus stops as well as on both end stops of the line.

In addition, a fully electric Primove equipped van will also be used by RNV as service and delivery vehicle.