PRIMOVE, sustainable mobility becomes a reality

As societies face growing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions and find solutions to ongoing urbanization, the timing for clean and more sus­tainable forms of mobility is right. A need for a change is recognized, a change that will come through e-mobility, which is key to shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. The complete PRIMOVE e-mobility portfolio offers vehicle manufactur­ers and operators a flexible package of sophisticated solutions for both electric rail and road vehicles. Bom­bardier’s e-mobility portfolio began with PRIMOVE no-cable charging system, which provides a source of energy for all electric vehicles.

PRIMOVE battery for public transport vehicles allows recharge with the minimum weight and volume that currently exists in the market.

Furthermore, Bombardier offers PRI­MOVE propulsion and control solution and feeding equipment BOMBARDIER MITRAC that manages to increase the overall efficiency of the electric buses.

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