Public consultation regarding the feasibility study to underground the railway line at Lorca (Murcia)


On 5 November 2018, the Ministry of Public Works submitted to public consultation the feasibility study conducted by TPF GETINSA-EUROESTUDIOS to ensure integration of Lorca’s railway network in the city centre and its upgrading to high-speed rail. This is the last step towards the completion of the design of the HSR Line Murcia – Almeria.

The study examines the feasibility of putting the HSR Line Murcia-Almería underground through Lorca over a length of 2,550 m, taking into account key design parameters for passenger and freight rail transport systems. Accordingly, it is planned to build a new underground high-speed rail station at the location of the old Lorca-Sutullena station.

The solution proposed answers the need to eliminate the constraints imposed by the rail line. Urban spatial restructuring will be undertaken, the city’s road network will be reorganized and more public space and corridors will be created for pedestrians. Another major advantage is that the city of Lorca will be accessible by high speed rail thanks to the construction of a new station in the city centre, while maintaining commuter train services and improving inter-modality.