Queensland and South Australia: Innovative Infrastructure Projects

The States of South Australia and Queensland also bet on the railway as a transport means for the main cities. Metros, tramways and rai- lway passenger links figure among the priorities.

This is reflected, for example, in inves- tment plans such as the “Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2017-18 to 2020-21 (QTRIP)”. One of them stands out especially for being the first that will combine the bus and metro. In addition, in collaboration with Queensland Rail, 2,500 million Australian dollars (€ 1,661 M) will be invested in the regional infrastructure improvement and network maintenance. Items such as 4,156 million Australian dollars (€ 2,762 M) will be added for the purpose of purchasing 75 new six-car trains to be incorporated into the Southwest Queensland route.

South Australia

Likewise, in South Australia, which is undergoing a period of great economic growth, the investment in transport infrastructure is also one of the most im- portant in its history. The Government’s initiatives include, for example, the Seaford line works, the electrification of the Gawler railway, as well as the numerous network improvements and the infrastructure improvement works also include the remodeling of the railway station included in the urban project known as “Adelaide Riverbank”. All these actions put the focus of interest on railway as the urban mobility solution that is more in line with the new needs of the population, especially for its multiple advantages in terms of efficiency, capacity and integration.

Ubat Project: Underground Bus and Train (Brisbane-Queensland). The Underground Bus and Train “UBAT” project will be the first in the world to combine a railway and bus into a single two-storey tunnel between the Brisbane River and the Central Business District of Brisbane (CBD). The new infrastructure will also be linked to the current Legacy Way tunnel, once the works are completed. With an estimated cost of 5,000 million Australian dollars (€ 3,323 M), this is the most important transport initiative in the City of Brisbane. The tunnel will be of five kilo- meters, with 15 meters in diameter and two levels. The upper level will be reserved for bus traffic and the lower level for railway. According to the action plan, it is expected to be operational in 2021.

Adelaide tramway (South Australia). In July 2016, the Government of the State of South Australia approved an item in the amount of 50 million Australian dollars (€ 33.4 M) for the first phase of the tramway called “AdeLINK”. This budget is part of the annual accounts and it is added to the extra amount of 20 million allocated for the procurement of three tramway units and the construction of a new station in Festival Plaza. The extension of this network to the Eastern area (EastLINK) is aimed at linking this peripheral area of the city through Kent Town. This project includes the construction of four new stops, one at “King William Road” and three additional stops that will serve in key areas such as the museum, library, universities and Old Royal Adelaide hospital center.