Record of CAF order intake in 2018

CAF. Proceso de fabricación. Lugar: Factoria Beasain. Beasain, 11 de septiembre de2014 © Karlos Corbella –argazkilaria-


CAF’s order intake last year was € 2,902 million, compared to € 1,514 million in the previous year. The high level of order intake and the incorporation of Solaris to CAF Group caused the backlog to reach historical maximums of the company. Specifically, this has been 7,716 million euros.

In terms of revenue, the net consolidated turnover amounted to 2,048 million euros and the EBITDA margin at the end of December 2018 stood at 201 million euros.

Lastly, the Profit before Corporation Tax in 2018 was 81 million euros and the Net Year Profit after Corporate Tax was 40 million euros.