Segula Technologies and Limmat Groups have reached a collaboration agreement in the field of predictive maintenance


Segula Technologies and Limmat groups have reached a collaboration agreement this december 13th in the field of predictive maintenance in the rail sector.

Segula, through its Center of International Excellence of Zaragoza dedicated to the railway sector, is a leader in multiple services: design, conceptual development, engineering, virtual layout, engineering, FEM, EDS, ERTMS or RAMS among others.

Limmat Group, specialized in railway digitalisation and developer of the predictive maintenance platform IMAS, will team up with Segula, offering the French group its digital experience in predictive maintenance and benefiting from the extensive experience in the design, engineering and execution of international Segula projects.

The architecture of the IMAS platform of Limmat, is focused on monitoring and predictive maintenance with the aim of optimizing the information, time and operational cost of the client. This is done through an efficient and non-intrusive data acquisition of the systems to be monitored, which combined with an advanced data analysis with Big Data techniques and Machine Learning, IMAS is able to identify failures in early stages as well as anticipate the deterioration of the system depending on the expected working conditions in order to anticipate failures, plan maintenance actions at the optimum time and avoid unscheduled shutdowns in the facilities.

Segula and Limmat hope to be reinforced with this collaboration, complementing each other in the areas in which each collaborator has more experience, thus offering a more complete catalog of services.