SEGULA TECNOLOGIAS develops new interior design concepts for the Railway Sector


The Centre for International Excellence in the Railway Division of SEGULA TECNOLOGIAS, located in Saragossa, has developed two new seating concepts for lightweight high capacity trains: GECKO and KATHISNEA, with flexible layouts adaptable to any manufacturer of rolling stock.

These modular concepts include anchoring, folding and hiding systems, so that the capacity of the car adapts automatically to the demand of passengers in real time, increasingly required in special events (trade fairs, sporting events, rush hours …).

 Modularity of the train in use

GECKO SYSTEM is a method located in the side cladding of the car, with an electronic activation module operating on demand. The folded seat is hidden and fully integrated into the wall. On the other hand, KATHISNEA SYSTEM consists of a folding rectangular module that integrates two folding seats on each side, with two different uses: fold down (anchored to the side of the train) so that two users can sit, and unfolded (perpendicular to the train axis), so that four passengers can use them.