Sener: High Speed innovation

Sener has undertaken a signifi­cant number of innovative In­frastructures and Transport pro­jects. These include important High Speed rail projects with the Adminis­trator of Railway Infrastructures-Adif, such as the Madrid – Barcelona lines, whose trains are already running at 300 km/hour. These are state-of-the-art infrastructures that tackle new problems and where safety is of the highest priority. Sener began working with Adif on two studies: one to characterize the effect of fly­ing ballast, and another on the very short-term prediction and behavior of crosswind on high speed lines. These studies led to two key devel­opments: the crosswind prediction and detection system and the Aero­traviesa®, sleeper prototype to mini­mize flying ballast. Aerotraviesa® is patented by Adif, CIDAUT founda­tion, Universidad Politécnica de Ma­drid (UPM) and Sener. Although it is a very recent development, several rail authorities have shown their in­terest in Aerotraviesa®, with Russia, Czech Republic and Turkey planning to build High Speed lines in the near future and are already interested in using this system.

These new projects—using Span­ish technology and spearheaded by public entities like Adif, companies such as Sener and institutions like the UPM and the CIDAUT Founda­tion—continue to break new tech­nological ground in the global rail sector.

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