SENER increases its EBITDA by 22.5%



The engineering group SENER presented its Annual Report with the results for 2018, which show an increase in EBITDA of 22.5%, a profit before taxes of 29.2 million euros —27.7% higher than in 2017— and an investment in R&D that remains above 20 million euros.

In Infrastructure, work continued on line 3 of the Guadalajara metro and the Toluca-Mexico City intercity train, as well as on the High Speed Two London-Birmingham (United Kingdom) high-speed line and on the high-speed line between Los Angeles and San Francisco (USA). There were new contracts in Brazil, Canada, Panama, Australia, Colombia, GCC and the Andean region, with which SENER has seen the expansion of the business strengthened in different sectors (rail, water, ports, airports, and highways).