SENER is an independent certifier at Brisbane Cross River Rail project in Brisbane (Australia)

SENER is participating in the Cross River Rail project, which will increase the capacity of the railway network in the city of Brisbane (Australia) to a frequency of 24 trains per hour, thanks to a second crossing under the Brisbane River.

SENER is involved in the Independent Project Certification Service (Independent Project Reviews) in the TSD (Tunnels and Stations, with specialists in in MEP (Electromechanical Systems), platform doors, elevators, escalators, etc.), RIS (Railway Integration and Systems) in Telecommunications systems, SCADA and MEP; and ETCS Level 2 (Railway Signaling) packages.

The project will be developed under the ETCS (European Train Control System), which will be deployed in several stages. Work has started on the Shorncliffe Line, operational in 2022.