Siemens is to install its railway technology on the first two lines of the Nagpur Metro

tecnologia ferroviaria-CBTC Siemens Metro Nagpur
tecnologia ferroviaria-CBTC Siemens Metro Nagpur

Siemens is set to install its advanced railway signalling technology on the first two lines of the Nagpur Metro, in India, on its North-South and East-West Corridors.

The project includes the development and installation of its CBTC (Communications Based Train Control) solution – Trainguard MT – for 38 kilometres of double track, 36 stations and two depots, the on-board equipment for 23 three-cars trains, as well as Trackguard Westrace Mk II electronic interlockings and Rail 9000 Centralized Traffic Control.

The award of this project by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MAHA-METRO) is an important milestone for Siemens, as it represents its first installation of a CBTC in India, and comes as reward for a collaborative effort made by the Siemens Mobility divisions in Spain, India and Germany. In addition it serves to demonstrate Siemens’ high level of commitment in this country.

Trainguard MT is Siemens’ system for automatic control and operation of metropolitan railway lines where varying levels of automation are required, a solution very capable of adapting to the Indian city’s urban rail transport requirements. The East-West Corridor will have 19 stations, while the North-South Corridor will have 17 stations and will connect the Airport with Automotive Square, in the north of the city.

The installation of Siemens’ CBTC technology will allow Nagpur Metro to achieve intervals between trains of 90 seconds or shorter, as well as precise localisation of trains at all times. All of this amounts to an optimisation of the metropolitan system that will benefit passengers and the operator alike.

Nagpur is located in the centre of India and, with over two million inhabitants, it is the largest city in the region and a growing metropolis. The setting in motion of the plan for investment in infrastructure is to contribute to the economic development of both the city and the region.

“The Nagpur Metro railway project will be a key factor for economic development and improved quality of life in both the city and the region. At Siemens we will be working in close coordination with our Indian and German partners to successfully install our signalling and communications technology and to contribute to the efficiency of the new transport system, which is vital to satisfying the needs of both the operator and passengers”, explained Jesús Guzmán, Managing Director of Siemens Spain’s Mobility Division.