Siemens Mobility is committed to inclusion as one of the fundamental pillars of present and future mobility, always placing the passenger at the center of its priorities

Moderner Bahnhof, Berlin, Deutschland

With its products and solutions, the company works to make the concept of universal accessibility of transport a reality, with the railway as the backbone.

Proof of its commitment are the activities carried out in collaboration with different stakeholders to learn about the accessibility problems faced by people with special needs. From one of them came the design of an application that would allow to reproduce the information on the screens or the audio of the loudspeaker systems of the stations, as well as to know which is the best route for passengers, considering their needs and the state of the different elements such as elevators, escalators, etc.

It is also worth mentioning the recent activity that the company carried out with the students of the Master’s Degree in Design Management at the IED in Barcelona. The participants were challenged to come up with initiatives to promote full inclusion in passenger transport and solve the accessibility challenges currently facing the sector.