Siemens Mobility to deploy an artificial intelligence-based traffic regulation system in Metro of Medellín

Siemens Mobility Spain is carrying out, together with Metro de Medellín, a pilot project to install Artificial Intelligence in the operation of this railway infrastructure in Colombia. To carry it out, the company will install, as a proof of concept, AIRO, a smart traffic regulation system, with the ability to run locally On-Premise, as well as in the cloud and which allows the frequency of trains to be adapted to the passenger demand through an AI-based solution and obtaining real-time data from various sources, such as road traffic, weather conditions, or social events, in order to optimize recommendations for operators.

With the implementation of AIRO, Metro de Medellín will benefit from an efficient use of resources thanks to the real-time optimization of the operating fleet. This system will also enable a decrease energy and CO2 consumption, as well as an inefficient operational costs. Based on internal simulations, it has been determined AIRO improves passenger-sit ratio. This project, which can be integrated with Rail9000 system from Siemens Mobility, or with any third-party system will also contribute to improve passenger satisfaction and safety, because they will be able to save waiting time at the station and will have alternative transport suggestions, such as bus in case of any emergency or service disruption.