Siemens Mobility will modernize the security installations on the Xàtiva – Alcoi line

Adif has awarded Siemens Rail Automation, for an amount of more than 7 million Euros (VAT included), the contract for the drafting of the project and execution of the works for the new safety installations of the conventional width line Xàtiva – Alcoi, 64 kilometers long. This action, included in the Community of Valencia’s Commuter Plan, will be executed in ten months.

The project, included in Adif’s Telephonic blocking system Suppression Plan, includes the implementation of the Automatic Blocking system in Single Track (BLAU) system, which will increase the installations reliability, as well as increase the capacity and regularity of traffic, rationalizing and optimizing railway operations.

Among the main works to be carried out is the installation of new electronic interlocking systems in the Ontinyent and Alcoi stations, which will have videographic systems that will be integrated into the Valencia CTC and adapted to the existing equipment in Xàtiva. Among other actions, digital ASFA trackside system and point machines equipment will be implemented and the modification of Fuente San Luis Siemens technology OCC (Operation Control Center).