Siemens and Thales to improve signalling and telecommunications on Humanes – Monfragüe line

ADIF has awarded the consortium formed by Thales and Siemens a contract worth 39.3 million euros to upgrade the signalling installations, train protection systems and centralised traffic control for the Humanes-Monfragüe section of the Madrid-Valencia de Alcántara line. The Humanes-Monfragüe section is 230 kilometres in length and forms part of the Madrid-Valencia de Alcántara conventional-gauge line, passing through the Madrid region and the provinces of Toledo and Cáceres in the west. It connects the high-speed line between Cáceres and Badajoz currently under construction. Thanks to this project, the traffic control and signalling installations will be renewed, eliminating the current telephone blocks to switch to automatic mode. The new installations will also be compatible for integration with adjacent sections. The work will improve the safety and the automation of the signalling and the traffic control between both autonomous regions of Madrid and Extremadura. The project provides for the installation of nine new Thales Intersig L905E interlocking systems and Trackguard Westrace Mk II and the modification of a further three as well as the installation of train signalling and protection equipment such as signals, train detection systems, electric drives and ASFA system in the new stations. The Centralised Traffic Controls (CTCs) of Manzanares and Seville will be modified in order to service the line covered by the project. The contract also includes the equipment relating to fixed telecommunications and energy systems as well as the associated civil works and technical sheds.