SIOS Inventory and Maintenance: The answer to a necessity

Work methods in rail main­tenance have changed with the new technolo­gies and computer systems. SIOS Inventory and Maintenance – SIOS I&M®, developed by Ineco, stems from the need for an integral and reliable system that encompasses all aspects of high speed lines main­tenance, from the generation of a programming proposal to the con­duction of inspections and checks.

SIOS I&M has been conceived as an agile and effective tool; it’s a web platform for the integral manage­ment of rail lines, in use since 2012 in the major part of the Spanish High Speed Network.

Its usability and management have made it a milestone in the way to treat information and documenta­tion related to maintenance, both of infrastructure and of the rail su­perstructure.

An innovative product: From information to knowledge
Thanks to its structure and acces­sibility, SIOS I&M® encourages the standardisation of the work of the different teams that contribute to the success of the maintenance of high speed lines.

Indeed, the definition of a com­mon methodology based on easy-to-integrate modules and its agile consultation, leads to the systema­tic normalization of the information caption and its analysis, optimising results and conclusions.

With the creation of an integrated solution for asset management, the work of technicians and managers of the railway administration in the maintenance and operation phase is facilitated when it comes to iden­tifying the causes and issues that are causing conditions, incidents and corrective actions in the phase of preventive and corrective main­tenance.

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