Comprehensive system for railway maintenance in mobile devices

Ineco is developing SiMa, whose máximum use of new technologies for the improvement of infernal processes in the maintenance of railways lines.

When it comes to railway maintenance, working methods have varied due to new technologies and computer systems. The transport engineering and consultancy firm Ineco is developing a comprehensive system for asset control of all the technical areas involved in railway maintenance.

SiMA’s objective lies with the utilisation of new technologies for the improvement of all the internal processes in railway maintenance. Thanks to this new tool, a reduction in the activity times will be reduced, as well as that of errors, when it comes to developing support tasks through a clearer and faster search of the works to be executed.

This project aims to complete the working method initiated with the development of SIOS Inventory and Maintenance, the web platform developed by Ineco for the comprehensive management of railways, in use since 2012 in the entire Spanish High Speed Network for the Infrastructure and Track technical areas.

SiMA adapts to the real environment and implements the same concept in mobile devices, providing the processes with an increased quality and a freedom of movement when it comes to direct fieldwork.

Ultimately, this is the first step of the implementation of mobile devices in comprehensive working methods. This methodology eases the tasks of the agents involved in the railway infrastructure, and offers diligence identifying the causes and aspects that are creating pathologies, problem-solving and implementing corrective actions in the prevention and corrective maintenance stages.