Soil consolidation on the track slab of the Murcia Tramway

The company Uretek carried out an intervention to consolidate the foundation soil with expansive resins in the reinforced concrete slab of a section of line 1 of the Murcia tramway.

The purpose of the intervention was to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation soil of the structure. This increase was necessary to achieve an admissible stress in the ground that would allow it to support the loads transmitted by the structure and stabilize the differential settlements that had occurred.

Uretek Deep Injections® technology was used to consolidate and lift the foundation soil thanks to the injections of Uretek Geoplus® expansive resin.

In only 6 days, a total surface of 180 m² and between 3 and 4 meters deep was consolidated. The work was carried out at night so as not to interrupt rail traffic. Within a few minutes the intervened areas could be used again, thus not generating any interference with the usual use of the area.

A unique, patented, fast, economical and minimally invasive method that restores the soil to its optimum mechanical and hydraulic characteristics.

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