Some Mafex members with freight projects in Africa

Some Mafex members with freight projects in Africa


TPF GETINSA EUROESTUDIOS has secured a new contract with ANESRIF for the modernization of the Algerian railway network. TPF GETINSA EUROESTUDIOS has been involved in the development of the Algerian railway network since 2006. At present, the company has a large number of ongoing projects related to the electrification and upgrade of the railway infrastructure in the country, which cover 2,684 km of railway lines and make the company a leading player in this field of activity. These assignments are framed within an ambitious plan for the extension and modernization of the rail network. The purpose of this plan is to increase the operation speed for lines that connect the main cities of Algeria, as well as to extend the railway network up to 12,000 km. Nowadays, the Algerian railway network comprises 4,200 km, most of which have not been electrified yet.


DaVinci platform on the Moroccan railway network. The Spanish consortium formed by Adif and Indra will install the Da Vinci technological platform as a computer solution for the integrated management of traffic on the Moroccan railway network. The contract, among other aspects, includes the design, monitoring and supervision of the strategic transport operating plan of the ONCF (Moroccan Railways) railway network.


1. Railway signaling of the Moatize-Nacala freight line in Mozambique.  Last May, the Nacala Integrated Logistics Corridor was inaugurated, a 900-km freight line linking the Moatize copper mines with the Nacala port, both located in Mozambique, although the line includes a section of 200 Kilometers that runs through Malawi. Contract awarding companies, Vale and state railway operator Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique have entrusted Siemens España to supply their railway technologies, including the Train Sentinel PTC (Positive Train Control) system; the integral train monitoring system; electronic interlocking Trackguard Westrace and telecommunications system based on a microwave network and Tetra system for train-track transmission. The contract also includes the development of a Traffic Control Center (CTC) in Nacala and the maintenance of all systems for one year.

2. Railway signaling of Moatize and Nacala yards in Mozambique. Siemens is also developing in Mozambique the signaling project for the Moatize and Nacala yards, a contract that also includes their maintenance. These depots are located at each end of the Nacala Integrated Logistics Corridor, the 900-kilometer freight line.


Bombardier Transportation, through its Rail Control Solutions division, is present in Africa with several projects for long-distance railway lines. The signaling project for Morocco co- vers two lines: the first between Tangier and Kenitra and the second between Kenitra and Rabat. The scope of the project is the design, installation, testing and commissioning of the signalling system with ERTMS level 1 technology.
The signalling systems Center of Excellence in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) is performing the engineering, as well as the support to the installation of the system and subsequent tests. The project involves a modernization of signaling facilities, increasing their safety and performance, as well as reducing travel time and increasing comfort. Bombardier’s footprint in Africa also extends to Ethiopia and Algeria where it’s carrying out ERTMS level 1 projects, specifically in the Awash-Weldia and Saida-Moulay lines respectively.