SPA-LeadMind, easing the way to future mobility


CAF’s digital solution, LeadMind, provides the best tools to digitalise the maintenance processes creating a new generation of more competitive services throughout the value chain, from the development phase to the operation and maintenance of the railway system. LeadMind is able to show train events and their associated variables in real time, allowing for an analysis of the information with different functionalities.

One of LeadMind’s latest successes has been Northern UK franchise’s award to CAF for the installation of the System to provide Real Time Remote Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). The project scope is the supply of Real Time and Advanced Analytics Functionalities for the 101 regional trains Civity UK Platform and for the Legacy Fleet Class 170 and 158. The total monitored cars add up to a total amount of 431.

This client joins others such as: Euskotren, TrenItalia, Metro de Santiago, SAR, GVB or Zaragoza tram, among others.