Spanish companies travel to Turkey, Brazil and Chile

Three priority markets for the spanish railway industry and where its presence is key for the rail development of these countries.

During the last quarter of 2014 Mafex organized a trade del­egation to Turkey (November 3rd – 7th) and another delegation to different cities in Brazil and Chile (November 23rd – 28th).

The primary managers of the rail­ways of the three countries re­ceived a fortnight of companies that participated in both trips. Thus, in Turkey, a large group of companies met with senior officials of the Turkish Railways (TCDD), the Municipality of Istanbul, Istanbul’s subway operator: Ulasim Istanbul, Ankara’s Municipality and other companies in the sector located in the country. At the same time, the Ministry of Infrastructure of the State of Ceará, Fortaleza’s Metro and Transnordestina Logística in Brazil, and the Empresa de los Fer­rocarriles del Estado de Chile, San­tiago’s Metro, the Arica-La Paz rail­way and Ferrocarriles del Pacífico in Chile had the opportunity to meet another large delegation of Span­ish railway companies.

Turkey: Great presence of the Spanish industry
The participation of Spanish com­panies in the railway sector in Tur­key is reflected in the high number of projects in which Spain has par­ticipated during the last decade. Its technology has been selected for the first high speed line in the country, the commuter line in Izmir, the light rail in Bursa or even for the electrification of railway lines such as Irmak-Zonguldak, among others.

Brazil and Chile: Priority Destinations for Mafex members
Brazil relies on the Spanish railway industry to carry out its ambitious plan to transport infrastructure, with an investment of over 20,000 million euros. This country has be­come the main destination of the sector in Latin America, followed by Chile. In the first eight months of the year, exports of associated companies associated to Mafex in Brazil totalled 116.1 million euros. Indeed it is a figure that is increas­ing and indicates the route with services and technological solu­tions “Made in Spain” in this mar­ket.

Among the projects in which Spain has participated, we must highlight the increasing number of metro networks such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Re­cife and Porto Alegre. At the time, these contracts were awarded in all fields of activity, from engineering to the supply of rolling stock, sig­nalling, security, etc.

Business Fair “Nos Trilhos” 1014
Also, since it has become a tradi­tion, the Spanish railway industry was represented at the latest edi­tion of the main rail fair in Brazil, which took place during November 11th – 13th. The Spanish participa­tion came in the form of an Infor­mation Stand organized by ICEX, Spain Exports and Investment, in collaboration with Mafex, the Spanish Railway Association, and served as a meeting place for the many visitors that arrived to the event as representatives of Span­ish companies, as well as to bring the Spanish technology closer to the Brazilian private and public in­stitutions that were present at the event, such as Metro Sao Paulo, Metro Rio, ANTF, ANPTrilhos, ABI­FER, VLI, etc.

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