Spanish railway industry: pioneering and strategic for the sustainable future

The EU has designated 2021 as the “European Year of The Railway”. Undoubtedly, an additional indication that strengthens the great expansion that this mode of transport has experienced in recent years. Modern metro systems, light rail, new commuter train connections or large high-speed projects are a sign of its great growth. The success of these projects has on most occasions relied on the advice and experience of the Spanish railway industry, one of the most avant-garde in the world and with a great international recognition. These companies have exported their technology and knowledge to more than 90 countries on the five continents and have become the preferred partner of numerous administrations and operators. The model of its success is based on a solid and extremely competitive value chain, a determined commitment to R&D, a unique know-how and the excellence in the quality of the services. In addition, they have the endorsement of having been the architects of the development of the Spanish railway network, one of the most extensive and advanced in the world.

Pioneers in R&D and at the forefront of technology, they are prepared to take on the new challenges facing the sector and respond to market trends and needs. In the coming years, this industry will play a very prominent role in aspects such as sustainability, mobility as a service (MaaS), progress in the digital transformation of the sector or connectivity between different modes of transport.

All these aspects are discussed in detail in the special issue number 26 of the Mafex magazine “The Spanish railway industry: A model of global success”. This new edition presents an in-depth analysis of the characteristics that make its companies lead the world ranking in transport solutions, as well as their great contributions in all segments of activity: engineering, construction of high-speed lines or urban systems. In addition, a section is devoted to the most relevant technological achievements in R&D:  the outstanding participation in the ambitious     European instrument Shif2Rail, advances related to automation, digitalisation, hydrogen trains, Hyperloop, etc.

This extensive report also includes two interviews: one with the Secretary General of Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Raül Blanco, where he details the performance of this body and gives his vision on the capacity and strength of the Spanish companies, and another interview with the president of Mafex, Victor Ruiz Piñeiro, where he explains how the Spanish railway industry is prepared to solve the great challenges.

In addition, there is an update on 21 Mafex partners, as well as on 17 of the latest innovations that have been incorporated into the international market.

We hope that all this information will be of interest to you and will help to get to know more about one of the main characters of the change in modes of transport.

Railway is the future, and the Spanish industry is ready to play the leading role in this important shift towards a sustainable, highly technological, and emission-neutral mobility.