Stadler secures contract in Ticino: nine tram-trains for the FLP

Modern, bright Stadler tram-trains will soon be running on the regional line between Lugano and Ponte Tresa in Switzerland. Stadler and Ferrovie Luganesi SA (FLP) signed a contract for the delivery of nine metre-gauge TRAMLINK tram-trains. The order is linked to an option for 3 additional vehicles. Negotiations for a twenty-year maintenance contract for the vehicles are well under way.

Tram-trains are an intelligent cross between a tram and a train. There is no need for passengers to change from a tram to a regional rail vehicle on such a direct route. The TRAMLINK for the FLP is a seven-car bi-directional vehicle. It can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The vehicle is 45.4 m-long and 2.4 m-wide and they meet the collision security standards for rail vehicle categories EN 15227 C-lV and C-lll, scenario lll.

These new trains represent a huge step forwards. Up to 300 passengers can now experience a journey in air-conditioned vehicles with a low-floor design throughout that makes it easy for everyone, including those with limited mobility, to board and alight.