Stadler signs a contract for 27 TRAMLINK trams for the Swiss capital

The contract signed between Stadler and the local operator, Bernmobil, includes the supply of 27 TRAMLINK tramways, 20 bidirectional and 7 unidirectional vehicles, and options for a total of 50 vehicles. The order will be designed and manufactured entirely at the Valencia plant.

The accessible metre-gauge trams for Bern offer spacious barrier-free compartments, with wide aisles, 100% low and continuous floor and several multifunctional areas for wheelchairs, carts and luggage. They are 42.5 m long, 2.3 m wide and offer large passenger capacity, up to 260 people. As main innovations, these light rail vehicles incorporate a modern passenger information system, rear cameras instead of rear mirrors and an efficient air conditioning system that works by measuring the CO2 in the passenger compartment to minimize energy consumption.

With this contract, Stadler Valencia accumulates orders for a total of 79 TRAMLINK trams in the last 18 months and reinforces its position in the European market as provider of urban mobility solutions. Specifically, the plant will supply trams to two German cities – Erfurt and Augsburg – and four Swiss local operators – FLP, BLT, AVA and Bernmobil.

TRAMLINK is a modern and modular multi-articulated light rail vehicle characterized by an innovative real-axle bogie that allows a quiet and comfortable ride