Stadler supplies further locomotives to European Loc Pool – for the first time in multi-system configuration


Stadler and European Loc Pool (ELP) have signed a contract for the acquisition of ten Co’Co ‘electric locomotives for the rail freight transport. It is the second order that is formalized under the framework agreement announced in May and whose scope amounts to a total of 100 vehicles.

The locomotives stand out for their power, up to 9 MW, and for their high tractive effort thanks to their six motorized axles. On many EU freight corridors, a single Co’Co’ locomotive can replace two Bo’Bo’ locomotives for the same train weight. This will substantially reduce the cost base for freight rail operators. The locomotives has been ordered in multi-system configuration for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy (15 kV + 25 kV AC and 1.5 kV + 3 kV DC). All of them have ETCS and radio remote control as standard features and if required, they can be equipped with one or two additional 900 kW diesel engines.

Stadler, European benchmark in the segment of diesel-electric locomotives, breaks into the segment of electric locomotives in which it aspires to become a reference player in the medium term.