Stadler Valencia delivers to RENFE Mercancías the high-performance EURO6000 locomotives

Stadler Valencia delivers to Renfe Mercancías the EURO6000 electric locomotives to provide freight transport services on the electrified Iberian gauge (1,668 mm) railway network, mainly through the new Pajares tunnel.

The powerful EURO6000s are characterised by their efficiency and high performance, enabling the transport of longer and heavier trains with a single locomotive, thus increasing the competitiveness of transport operations. They are capable of hauling 1,800 tonnes on 18 ‰ ramps. The commissioning of these locomotives means also an important contribution to the decarbonisation of the transport sector. They do not generate CO2 emissions. They also stand out for their low noise and vibration levels, as well as for their low track wear, and for the excellent comfort, safety and visibility offered to train drivers.

With these locomotives, Renfe Mercancías will reinforce its operations with greater load capacity, safety and reliability. This will result in an increase in its activity and in the share of rail freight transport and, therefore, in significant cost savings due to externalities.