GMV provides Santiago de Chile Metro’s ticketing system

Santiago de Chile Metro’s new lines 3 and 6 are now under construction, due to increase the total metro network to 41 kilometers with 31 stations plus 45 new trains. Line 6, with 10 new stations, will serve the comunas (Chile’s smallest administrative districts) of Cerrillos, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago, San Miguel, San Joaquín, Ñuñoa and Providencia. Line 3, for its part, with 21 stations, will serve the comunas of Quilicura, Huechuraba, Conchalí, Independencia, Santiago, Ñuñoa and La Reina.
SICE, priming the contract for the supply of the fare-collection system of the new lines 3 and 6, has turned to GMV as supplier of the ticket vending/recharging machines.

SICE and GMV, both plumbing their wealth of experience in electronic fare collection systems, will design, develop and supply the vending/recharging machines and compact vending/recharging machines for the system’s farecards (called tarjetas bip!) plus the single-journey tickets for the new Metro lines.

The newly designed vending/recharging machine will be a customized development of GMV’s Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) family, specially adapted to meet the specific requirements of the Santiago Metro and also integrated with the rest of the systems to be supplied by SICE.

The project takes in 75 vending/recharging machines and 151 compact vending/recharging machines. During the first phase of the project, moreover, 3 prototypes of each machine will be supplied. After the client’s in-factory test and approval of these prototypes, work will then go ahead on the manufacture of the complete supply, to be phased in in three batches during 2016 and 2017.