Sustainable and user experience focused solutions drive the growth of Revenga Smart Solutions

By 2021, the year of its 49th anniversary, Revenga Smart Solutions (RSS) will have deployed its solutions on AVE, train, metro and tramway lines in more than 30 countries. The company is currently growing strongly and has projects underway in 17 countries, with a presence, in addition to Spain, in Turkey, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Egypt, Brazil, Algeria, USA and Ecuador.

In 2022, RSS will continue to grow. It will do so thanks to a project portfolio of more than 115 million euros and a growing demand for technological solutions that improve the experience of customers and operators; solutions prepared for the intelligent and integrated transport in which a growing world population, increasingly urban and with ever greater travel needs, will move. RSS responds to this demand with a portfolio of smart mobility solutions that are simple to manage, based on open platforms, secure and sustainable and that provide value to the traveler in the form of a more satisfactory experience. As a result, RSS is today a participant in key projects all over the world, both for metros, railroads and roads & highways, as well as for terminals or stations in all modes of transport, from railroads to airports, ports and buses.

Thus, RSS’s real-time information solution, TIPublic, contributes to improving the passenger experience on the many railway lines on which it is currently in service. The same applies to terminals and convoys where RSS’s real-time payment platform, RT2P, operates. With access control, vending and ticketing, tolls, back-office and on-board validation equipment, RT2P helps users and operators to interact in a simpler and more efficient way. The XThings station control system also generates value by enabling real-time remote control of systems such as stairs and elevators, lighting, energy, voice and data, and the IT and telecommunications network.

RSS’s integrated train and track inspection system, called RailXcan, analyzes hot boxes, flat wheel, dynamic weight, dragged objects, falling objects, broken rail, gauge, pantograph, wheel parameters and other parameters. The system, in operation at, among other sites, the Marmaray tunnel linking Europe and Asia in Istanbul, provides safety and thus improves the experience of travelers and users of the system itself.

In Europe, America and Africa, with 630 RailRox level crossings contracted and more than 200 already installed, RSS is working to increase the safety of people crossing railway tracks at stations and crossings. In addition, the system consumes less than 10W per crossing, enabling it to be deployed using solar panels.  The same principle of savings and respect for the environment applies to RSS’s Aguterm+ switch heaters, which ensure, thanks to energy optimization by modeling the switch and measuring a larger number of parameters (wind, rail temperature, etc.), that the switch remains operational at all times.

Finally, RSS’s OpenSAE solution for fleet management and operational support, as well as the OpenITS solution for infrastructure and traffic management in tunnels, roads and tolls, enable RSS to contribute to greater integration in mobility management.

In short, RSS´s solutions make an intelligent use of technology to move towards a safer, simpler, more sustainable and satisfactory mobility.