TEKNICROSS anti-slip rubber pavement for level crossings

The companies ELECTRANS and TEKNIKUM join forces to offer the Spanish market, through exclusive distribution, the TEKNICROSS anti-slip rubber pavement solution for level crossings.

TEKNIKUM has been manufacturing this solution in Finland for more than 30 years and commercializing it in the Nordic countries, Russia and Central Europe, with multiple references and under the highest quality and safety standards, offering high durability even in the most demanding climatic conditions.

ELECTRANS is the national leader in the commercialization of this type of solution for more than 25 years, having the technical knowledge and the human and material resources necessary to offer an efficient and quality after-sales service through the different delegations that it has distributed throughout the peninsula.

TEKNICROSS rubber pavement for level crossings offers important advantages that involve the reduction of time and resources used during the entire life cycle of the product, as well as effective solutions to meet the requirements of each case.

We hope by this way to continue contributing to the improvement of accessibility and safety at level crossings to facilitate the mobility of all users.