Teltronic upgrades the TETRA network of Metro Ligero Oeste

Teltronic has upgraded the TETRA radio communications network of Metro Ligero Oeste, which provides service to the ML2 and ML3 lines, which connect the municipalities of Boadilla del Monte, Alcorcón and Pozuelo de Alarcón with Madrid, its Metro, commuter trains and bus networks.

The network, based on the NEBULA TETRA infrastructure, is used for voice communications between control center and train drivers and security and maintenance personnel. It also supports train-to-ground data transmission, including those of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), which is carried out through the Teltronic on-board terminals.

Upgrading tasks allows the system to incorporate the new features included in the latest versions of NEBULA, and extending its useful life under the best conditions of functionality and maintainability.