Thales will present during Rail Live 2019! the new ‘Intelligent’ Operational Control Centers

OCC of REFER in Lisbon on march 27, 2009. The OCC (Operational Control Centre) is a global system (Operational Control Centre) of rail traffic management allowing to boost the rail network's efficiency and capacity by integrating all of its exploration, operation and maintenance tools in one place. The Lisbonne OCC centralised control of about 65% of the country's total rail traffic.


Thales is immersed in a process of digitization that will affect the railway industry and whose evolution has implications not only for the railway, but also for the future of mobility.

During  Rail Live 2019 edition Thales will take the opportunity to  present the new ‘intelligent’ Operational Control Centers or advanced traffic management centers based on the use of artificial intelligence and big data to analyze the large amount of data generated by sensors in trains and connected equipment, external data such as geographic or climatological data. It’s part of a new Mobility Platform that turns raw data into accurate real-time information with predictive insights for both passengers and operators. The platform is able to adapt its behaviour dynamically to match constantly changing operational scenarios, with data taken from many operational sources including signalling systems, fare collection, video analytics and anonymous location data from passengers’ mobile devices to offer passengers a better service.

On the other hand, the company will show digital solutions such as Naia and Tiris  based on data analysis or large data analysis of passenger flow in the case of the first solution, and predictive maintenance in the cloud, in the second one, detecting problems in assets and prescribing corrective actions before any incident occurs.

NAIA is a passenger journey analytic tool that creates insights around passenger journeys allowing the operator to improve the experience of the travelling public by optimising the timetable, and maximising revenue collection through better informed planning of fare policy. It can also increase revenue streams through more targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, and better customer satisfaction will generate savings on the deployment of customer service resources.

TIRIS is a predictive maintenance service that provides operations and maintenance intelligence to customers.

The vast swathes of data are processed and analysed to provide customers with a prediction of when a part may fail so that they can accurately schedule in and budget for ‘just-in time’ maintenance.

As part of the data driven OCC, Thales will present also, their new video analysis concept, DIVA (Distributed Intelligent Video Analytics), equipped with state-of-the-art security and operations management services such as: track intrusion detection, monitoring people in stations using facial recognition, detecting people in emergency situations in stations or on trains and counting passengers on trains or platforms.

Aditionally, Thales presents the new intelligent sensor technology for railways consisting Lite4ce and the new Thales track circuit. The Thales Lite4ce™ sensor is based on Fibre Bragg Grating technology, which enables sensors on the rail to safely detect a variety of parameters on rolling stocks. These include the safe detection of wheels, the quality of the wheels as well as the speed and weight of vehicles.