The digital transformation of the railway sector, as seen from Ceit technology centre

The technology centre Ceit condenses in an ebook the main challenges that the railway industry must face in order to carry out the digital transformation that will allow it to face the challenges of the future of the sector with solvency.

In recent years, the railway industry has jumped on the innovation bandwagon, developing new technologies and applications to modernise the sector and provide greater value to users. Digitalisation and automation are the necessary levers to achieve the smart transformation of the sector.

However, there is still plenty of room for manoeuvre to boost the competitiveness of companies by digitising the maintenance of infrastructures and logistics operations or developing new materials through cutting-edge technologies such as additive manufacturing.

Thanks to its more than 35 years of experience in collaboration with the most outstanding companies on the national and international scene, Ceit has become one of the main European players in the sector, as exemplified by its appointment as one of the 25 founding members of EU-Rail, the new R&D&I alliance in the European railway sector.

This scenario offers the industry a great opportunity to innovate and develop the railway of the future. Through this ebook, Ceit exposes the main challenges that the railway industry must face in order to put the train on track as the sustainable transport of the future.