The importance of Mafex in the railway sector

Special, 15th Anniversary of Mafex: The association receives congratulatory messages for its 15 year career pat


Isaías Táboas Suárez, President of Renfe

“From within Renfe, we firmly believe in the importance of having the existence and experience of an association such as MAFEX, which defends and supports the external activity of the Spanish railway industry. Throughout these 15 years, MAFEX has demonstrated great efficiency representing the sector worldwide, having been able to adapt to the evolution that the industry itself has experienced, contributing to undertake significant improvements for the Spanish railway sector, both in Spain and abroad.

For Renfe, which has one of its fundamental strategic pillars in internationalisation, collaboration with MAFEX and Spanish companies abroad is an excellent formula for exporting knowledge of a leading railway industry in the world”.


Philippe Citroën, General Director of UNIFE

“From within UNIFE we congratulate Mafex on its 15th anniversary and wish to highlight its commitment to the development and promotion of European railway equipment and standards at international and European level.

Mafex has become in these years a fundamental member of UNIFE, actively collaborating in the international promotion and the increase of the competitiveness of the suppliers of railway solutions”.


Andrés Muñoz de Dios Rodríguez, Managing Director of Metrotenerife

“Mafex represents an excellent meeting framework to detect the needs of the sector, offering constant support through different supports and tools to its partners and collaborators.

The versatility of Mafex to organize events of different types and themes, encourages a constant exchange of information and experiences among the growing number of members, being essential for the consolidation of the internationalisation of the Spanish railway sector”.


José Carlos Domínguez Curiel, Managing Director of the Railways Foundation

“Mafex is synonymous with success and its three five-year periods of experience, not coincidentally, coincide with the greater development and projection of the Spanish railway sector in its history, which places our companies and Spain in a position of undoubted international leadership.

I wish to stress in these lines an essential value in any project and that from the Railways Foundation we observe in Mafex: the professional and human quality of the team that comprise it, a basic and fundamental element in any successful experience. Congratulations Mafex”.


Isabel Pardo de Vera Posada, President of ADIF

“The investment effort of Spain in recent years, has resulted not only in the improvement of our infrastructure but also in the development of a powerful Spanish railway sector, which successfully participates in projects on five continents.

We would like to take advantage of Mafex’s 15th Anniversary to congratulate the Association and its member companies for the relevant successes accomplished during this time and we encourage them to continue promoting the internationalisation of the sector, an aim in which they will continue to enjoy ADIF’s support”.


Eduardo De Montmollin, President of Alamys

“Currently, ALAMYS has a cooperation agreement with Mafex that strongly bolsters relations between the metropolitan railway world of Latin America and Spain. We have witnessed the strident efforts by Mafex to position itself in the different international markets of our area, and therefore we are proud to be associated to the proliferation of greater and improved rail transport projects in our region.

Congratulations Mafex, on your 15th anniversary!”.


Antonio Garamendi Lecanda, President of CEOE

“First of all, I congratulate Mafex for its 15th anniversary at a time when the railway sector in Spain is becoming increasingly significant. It contributes to the improvement of the country’s economic competitiveness and supports the development of the activity in sectors such as industry, commerce and tourism, among others. In this sense, it marks one of the flagship references in infrastructure in Spain. Furthermore, Spanish railway companies boast extensive international experience, along with the field of innovation too.

This makes the Spanish railway industry a benchmark worldwide. Spanish companies forming the sector participate intensely in the major infrastructure works that are being carried out in many countries of the world, contributing their great skills, experience and mastery of new technologies. We are facing one of the sectors whose companies have best managed how to evolve into a global business model. This is down to, mainly, continuous innovation. And Mafex must be proud of all these achievements”.