The infrastructure subsidiary of COMSA in Portugal takes on new track maintenance contracts


Fergrupo, the infrastructure subsidiary of COMSA in Portugal, has recently been awarded three new projects for the track and electrical modernisation of different sections of the country’s national rail network.

On the one hand, the company will carry out the renovation of the track superstructure between the towns of Valadares and Gaia belonging to the northern line of the country in order to improve its safety and reliability. The works, valued at more than 4 million euros, include the replacement of sleepers, the installation of 8.6 kilometres of track and the reinforcement of 3 level crossings.

Infraestructuras de Portugal has also entrusted Fergrupo to carry out the maintenance of catenary and track equipment and systems in branches of 10 lines of the national network. For a total of nearly 2 million euros, the company will apply different preventive and corrective procedures to guarantee functionality and prevent anomalies.

Finally, COMSA’s subsidiary in Portugal will undertake a project to rehabilitate the section of track between Válega and Gaia, also on the northern line, in order to mitigate the risks of deterioration that currently threaten the infrastructure.