The national example exportable beyond the Spanish borders


It can be said that there is a before and an after 21st April 1992, when the first AVE connection between Madrid and Seville is launched. And since then and in these 30 years, the investment of about 60 billion euros and a network of more than 4,000 kilometres of UIC gauge tracks (Source: ADIF) have made Spain the European country with the greatest development of high-speed railway, with convoys being able to reach more than 300 kilometres an hour, and the second in the world only behind China.

This development is the reason why each and every one of the countries that want to have in their territories railways that allow them to connect cities with this type of trains resort to the Spanish railway industry, its know-how and its R+D.

An example is the investment allocated to the National Budget for this year, which is reflected both in the works in progress, and in those planned by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), which aim, according to the Government itself, “to consolidate for the future the priority role of the train in the fight against climate change and the reduction of emissions”.

The railway in 2023 leads the investments of the MITMA with almost 8 billion euros, of which more than 2,693 million euros are aimed at high speed, and a figure higher than 3,400 million euros is aimed at the commuter network and the conventional network, which represents an increase, in this case,  of 22 per cent over last year. (Source: PGE).

Recently, the ministry has announced the approval of the Indicative Railway Strategy for the period 2021-2026, which foresees investments worth 24.2 billion euros, aimed at promoting the development, maintenance and renewal of railway infrastructure.

With these initiatives, it is not surprising that the Spanish railway industry is at the forefront of this global industry, and that its presence is demanded wherever an infrastructure of this type is to be carried out. Spain has established itself as a mirror for the world.

“Spanish technological developments are among the most avant-garde in the world”