The new generation of HABD/HWD detectors has greater versatility

IBERICA TECNOLOGIA EN SISTEMAS DE SEGURIDAD FERROVIARIOS SL (ITSS) is currently implementing a new generation of hot axle box/hot wheel detector (HABD/HWD)

ITSS is working on a substantial shift in the PEGASUS HABD/HWD devices. Following a review of feedback and the analysis by their engineering team, ITSS has stipulated performance and design in the PEGASUS-GENIUS that matches the needs of their customers.

The greatest technological and competitive leap for the customers lies in the installation: a new solution allows for temperature measurement readings to be taken in different monitoring areas (in Zone 1, as well as in Zone 2) but,  most remarkable of all, is the design which allows for the device to be installed without the need for a hollow sleeper. This makes both the installation and dismantling by the railway manager very comfortable, cost efficient and affordable, along at any point of the network.

ITSS is very proud to introduce the PEGASUS GENIUS and it will bring a complete shake-up to the railway marketplace because of the quality of service, product features and considerable reduction in cost this solution will provide to its customers.


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