The new generation of Stadler´s locomotives. EURODUAL–the universal locomotive

Berlin is always worth a visit. At InnoTrans 2018 Stadler launches 7 innovative vehicles among which includes the new generation of 6-axle locomotives designed and manufactured by Stadler Valencia. The exhibited locomotive will be the EURODUAL for the German operator HVLE that has acquired 10 locomotives of this type. The versatile 6-axle bi-mode EURODUAL locomotive can run on electrified lines with a power of up to 7 MW but also has a 2,800 kW diesel engine to operate on non-electrified lines. It offers two solutions in one and combines the advantages of both types of traction, diesel and electric. In addition, its incredible performance, efficiency and hauling capability allows to transport longer and heavier trains with a single machine. The EURODUAL is the technological response of Stadler to the challenges
posed by cross-border corridors such as the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Corridors. With its avant-garde technology, it covers every need in an efficient and reliable way offe ring rail operators numerous economic and ecological benefits.