The passengers can check the occupancy of Tenerife Tram in real time

Metrotenerife has activated a digital tool that allows users to consult the percent of tram occupancy in real time. This service is available on the web app ( and on the app ten+móvil (section next stop).A campaign has showed the operation of this tool on social networks and with posters at stops and on trams.

As the company’s managing director, Andrés Muñoz de Dios, explains, when the tram occupancy reaches the current capacity limitation of 66% (maximum allowed by actions against propagation of covid19), this service will recommend to the passengers to wait the next tram. If the capacity is reaching the limits allowed it will showed a text message in the app and a voice warning at tram stop.This app contributes to avoid crowds of people in order to keep to the recommendations of the health authorities.

TranviaOnline is a web app that reports in real time the locations of trams besides information of each one. Users may choose the tram stop and the app will show the time remaining for the arrival and the occupancy percent in real time.