The Spanish railway sector travels to the Czech Republic in search of new projects

The Spanish Railway Association (MAFEX) arranged a business delegation to the Czech Republic on September 25th and 26th

The Spanish industry wishes to participate in the modernisation plan of the country’s rail network. It is a strategic node for European connections that has the financial support of the EU.

The delegation organised by the Spanish Railway Association (MAFEX) in collaboration with the Commercial and Economic Office of the Czech Republic, aimed to meet the needs of transport infrastructure in the country and seek out ways of cooperation towards its development.

On the one hand, the country’s high investment in interurban transport as in Metro Prague, and on the other, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved a credit line of 447 million euros to finance part of the railway overhaul plan underway in the country.  Regarding this amount, the first phase of funds has already been delivered, amounting to 116 million euros.

During these days, some of the meetings held boasted the presence of the Ambassador of Spain, Angel Lossada, the municipal transport company Prague Dopravni Podnik Prahy (DPP), the Prague Tramway Infrastructure Administration, the Railway Infrastructure Administration in charge of the entire infrastructure network as well as the management of the plans for the High Speed Sprava Zeleznicni Dopravni Cesty (SZDC), the state railways ČESKÉ DRÁHY (ČD), ŠKODA Transportation