NEM Solutions is pleased to announce that their predictive technology gives another step forward with proven results. They have been able to predict critical incidents on HVAC two weeks in advance; in just 1 fleet avoided 20 critical incidences on wheel bearing failures, by predicting them 1 week in advance. Gearbox failures are also predictable 1 week earlier.

NEM Solutions starts 2019 with more than 250 fleets controlled worldwide independently to OEMs (Siemens, Alstom, CAF among others). Including Trams, High Speed, Passenger and Freight vehicles. One step forward on the long-term partnership agreements with key Railway Authorities.

With their belief of “Together We Go Further” extended their partnership agreements to offer a wider ecosystem towards customer success. Platform-based agreement with Siemens Mobility, Rolling Stock specialist partnership with Ricardo Rail, partnership with hardware-based manufacturers and CMMS-based partners.

“We are ready to extract as much knowledge from every OEM in order to ensure continued excellence in predictive analytics,” said NEM Solutions Business Developer, Álvaro Zevallos.